2014 new beautiful Eye Make Up Ideas

Today I am going to educate you a couple of tricks on how to use fluid eyeliner. I bet most of you believe that utilising liquid liner just looks way too hard. But it’s really one of those things where if you perform, you will get the suspend of it and love doing it too! fluid eyeliner is a bit trickier than gel and pencil liners because it’s liquid—kinda like drawing is a bit simpler than painting. Anyway, here are a couple of tips to help you use fluid liner like a pro:

Before applying fluid liner, do your eyeshadow! So eyeshadow, then liner.
Until you get the suspend of it, you may want to thinly contain the brim of your eye as you decorate on the liner. I don’t suggest holding this habit for a long time though because the tugging can cause unwanted wrinkles.
Instead of starting from the inward corner of your eye, start from the middle of the eye and lightly apply pressure to the liner wand and pull it across your lash line. Then you can go back in and fill in where you left off!
Don’t close your eye! Keep it halfway open and if likely, try to stay as calm as possible. If you damage the eye you are endeavouring to line, then your line won’t be very smooth.
Use an anchor. when I request liner I thin my elbow of the decorating hand up on a sturdy exterior (like a wall mirror) and then line my eyes. This will keep your hand stable and one time you get better at it, you won’t need to do this inclining trick!
I don’t recommend lining your base lashes with fluid eyeliner. More often than not it’s a recipe for catastrophe. in addition to, since liquid liner creates such a distinct line it can really make your eyes emerge lesser.
fluid liner is presumed to leave a very pointed line so don’t try to combine it.
After you have directed the liner, depart your eyes half open and let it dry for 10 seconds or so.
contain the liner wand nearer to the tilt so you have move control over it.

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